#3 Fire

Concrete is naturally non-combustible.

Fire insurance is cheaper on concrete block structures.

We manufacture our block at our facility in Bell, Florida.  We also make all the special block you may need including lintles, headers, halves, columns, etc.

All of our block are available in Lightweight.

We have both crane and piggy-back forklift delivery units.  This enables Bell Concrete to place your block where you need them.

We keep precast, rebar, mortar, sand and more in stock.  We also provide rebar fabrication.

Bell Concrete is a small enough company that we can track your project and anticipate your needs.  This can provide enormous time and delivery savings for your concrete block structure.

#1 Hurricanes

Top floor wood frame, first floor Masonry Construction.

Emergency Shelters are provided at public schools.  Why?  Almost all public schools in Florida are concrete and concrete block construction and can sustain much higher windloads.

Masonry Construction is durable and versatile.

A concrete block house can be designed virtually any way you want.  It can also have virtually any outside appearance you want.

Exposed block, brick veneer, hardy board, stucco and acucrete are all easily incorporated.  

#4 Mold and Mildew

With Florida's high humidity and rainfall amounts mold and mildew are a problem.

Unlike wood, concrete and block are not a food source for mold.

Several very large builders have recently switched to all block construction in Florida for this reason alone.

​Why you want a Concrete Block Home in Florida!

Bell Concrete is a Full Service Concrete Block Supplier

#2 Termites

Florida, Hawaii, and California have severe termite problems.

Termites do not eat concrete block.

Termite treatments and protection policies are costly.

#5 Wood Rot

If you have lived in a frame house in Florida for any period of time, you have replaced wood due to wood rot.

Minimize the repairs.  Build with block.

For more information on any of the above reasons to build with masonry visit, blockstrong.comfloridamasonry.com or, dontfeedthemold.com.